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Before viewing the Icetime TV live stream you must first acknowledge the Icetime TV Terms and Conditions (viewable here).

We also draw your attention to our support e-mail account (support@icetime.tv) which shall be the only means through which we will engage the provision of technical support. Should you have any technical issues that impact on your ability to watch the web stream you should contact us via support@icetime.tv. Whilst social media has its uses, it is not usually effective at providing in-depth technical support and we reserve the right to not respond to tweets or direct messages or other social media communications. We may, however, use social media to make announcements during the build up or throughout the game.

If you do encounter technical issues you must contact us when you first experience the problem during the game, not after. We are unable to provide any refunds (whether in-part or fully) if we have not been contacted by e-mail to support@icetime.tv during the game.

Furthermore, this web stream is available for domestic viewing only and any showing of this broadcast in a commercial/public setting is in breach of our terms and conditions. Attempts to exploit this web stream content beyond the means that it is intended as stated in the terms and conditions may result in account suspension or legal action being taken where appropriate.

Watching this live-stream whilst following online services that may alert you to events occurring in the game may impair your enjoyment as this live-stream is typically 30 seconds or so behind real-time. We suggest that you temporarily disable any notifications to your mobile devices that may spoil the enjoyment of this broadcast. This 30 second delay is a natural consequence of the use of content delivery networks (CDN) which are universally employed in the industry to improve the reliability of live-streams.

  I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Icetime TV terms and conditions. Furthermore, I acknowledge that I understand that technical support is only delivered by e-mail via our support account support@icetime.tv and confirm that this web stream is not being shown in a commercial/public setting except where you have purchased a commercial license and/or have written permission authorising you to do so.

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